perse (part 3)

I would like to apologize that it took this long for me to finish my story, I was contacted by someone claiming to be an NBI agent and threatened to expose me to my hubby if I don’t meet up with him. It prompt me to delete my friendster and yahoo account for fear that this guy might use my data there to trace me. And it took me this long to finally have my courage back to finish my story.

I remember feeling very hot then even though I was left wearing my skirt. Yung naman nasa kanan ko was busy fingering me, he must atleast have 2 fingers inside. Then yung Obet suddenly stood up and positioned himself in front of me, Pinasubo niya sa akin ang titi nya. It was my first and it was quite an experienced, ganun pala yun pag sinasagad niya para akong masusuka. para kasing tinatamaan yung tonsil ko. It didn’t last long because somebody at the back shouted “Hoy” ano yan!!! and everybody started turning our way. It was one of the few viewers in the cinema, we were so daring na, na even though it was dark naaaninag na siguro ginagawa namin. The two boys panicked they immediately took of, running at that towards the exit. It was chaos, someone was yelling “ano yun!!” others were saying ” may naholdap ata”. I took advantage of the chaos and started dressing myself up. It took me atleast a minute to wear my blouse, I have to kick my panty under the chair and I couldn’t find my bra. Another minute and a guard and a cinema employee approached me to inquire if I was mugged. I lied to them that two guys did try to take held me up but was foiled when someone shouted at the back. I don’t know if they believe me, I noticed the guard looking at my breast ( maybe he noticed that I was not wearing any bra). They politely asked me if I want to make a formal complain. I told the I just wanted to go home. On my way home I still couldn’t believe what just happened. maybe it was for the best. Who knows how far those two kids could have gone.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story, It was something that I haven’t shared with anyone not even my husband.

Your comments are welcomed and will be appreciated..

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